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With limited resources and competing priorities, it can be difficult to maintain your information systems. With PCS, we can do it for you…remotely or on-site. Our proactive maintenance plan is designed to keep your computer information system operating as reliably as possible. Without regular maintenance, there are several factors that will quickly infiltrate your PC and network causing slow operation, lockups and instability.

Let us ensure your systems are running at optimal performance with:

  1. Network Monitoring
    Most users do not realize there is a problem with their network server until there is a major problem. We can monitor your servers remotely, review server logs and events for potential problems and act accordingly to keep your system up and running.

  2. System Backups
    The vast majority of computer users have a backup plan that is seldom verified for integrity or they have none at all. If a network server were to crash without a good current backup, it would cost the company thousands of dollars in lost data and office productivity. System backups must be checked on a frequent basis to ensure this does not happen to you.

  3. Maintenance and Ransomware Internet Protection
    Ransomware, Internet Spyware, Malware, Browser Hijacking & Trojans
    Ransomware is REAL! These thieves will encrypt and destroy your data, server and attached backup drives! Then they will demand at least $10,000.00 to get your data back. Do Not Pay! There are now defense mechanisms and tools available to prevent this from happening to you and your company. Anybody that has a computer cannot afford not to be protected. We have the protection you need available for you now.

    There are Internet installed data mining, aggressive advertising and tracking components that will make your computer work for others by tracking where you go on the Internet along with other overhead. Trojans are creations that attack your computer operating system, taking over your computer and rendering it useless until they are removed. We can help keep your system as secure as possible.

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Whether you are looking for general IT support and maintenance, or a partner to help you build out your mobility strategy, our team of experts will treat every project as if we were your employee.

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